A Time of Death & Rebirth


Less than a week away from the Summer Solstice, the time of year when the sun shines the brightest and longest before it begins to wane into the Fall and Winter months, I feel the own light of my spirit bursting forth to outshine the darkest nights of my soul. As powerful and beautiful of a time that this is, it is also a time when past fears, insecurities, and destructive habits might be resurfacing and it is a perfect time, in the light of the Summer sun, to examine them for exactly what they are.

This morning as I pulled from the beautiful Golden Dawn tarot, I was greeted by card 13, Death. In the upper left corner there was the rainbow sun, reminding me of the wide spectrum of energetic influence inherent in all that exists. Whatever I decide to hold onto determines the external energetic influences I will then absorb and reflect.

This means that we have to look at the energetic and emotional patterns we have been holding onto in our lives. What structures have we been confining ourselves within? How have they supported us or provided for us up to this point?

In the card you can see the emperor’s head lying in the grass severed by Death’s scythe. Card 13 (1+3) points to card 4, the Emperor, who represents authority, structure, and order. With his head severed, fallen onto the earth, card 13 tells me to examine the structures in my life, and ask myself how have shaped me thus far and what must I sever myself from in order to grow stronger, lighter, and closer toward my truth?

Every year there is a time for harvest, death, fertilization and regeneration. We must remember to partake in this natural cycle in our own lives. See the top right of the card, you see the blue eagle representing the evolved, transformed, spiritual incarnation of Scorpio. He is the esoteric counterpart of the solar fire. Like a phoenix risen from its ashes or the waterbird who is able to swim to the deepest depths and fly to the highest heights, Scorpio represents our ability to conjure our inner fire, to confront, acknowledge, integrate and burn away patterns and habits and be reborn brighter, stronger, transformed and renewed.

Looking at this lovely card, I can see that I am death, weightless and meditative, the farmer of the spirit reaping the harvest, nourishing my bones, my inner spirit, and the earth itself for the next crop to be sown.

With much love and blessings in the coming season.

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